About Plus

What is PLUS?

PLUS is an organisation of leftwing unions and members of the Australian Labor Party in South Australia.

Why the name PLUS?

The name is an acronym for Progressive Left Unions and Sub branches. It highlights the central role of unions and rank and file branch members within the work of our group. It also emphasises that our organisation takes a forward-looking approach to policy.

What we believe in?

We believe in the community’s right to take control of its affairs. We believe that government plays an important role and the market alone cannot satisfy the needs of the people.

We believe in the dignity of the individual. This informs our sense of justice and moves us to support those who suffer from the abuse of power.

We regard ourselves as a part of the labour movement and a part of the broader progressive movement with whom we work for progressive change.

We believe in the value of a culturally diverse community, in workers rights, in the importance of a healthy environment and equality between the genders in choice and in actions.

How do we make decisions?

PLUS is a democratic organisation which is committed to the full involvement of the rank and file members of PLUS in the decision making process.

What we do?

We meet together to discuss issues and to hear guest speakers. We formulate and draft policies and promote those policies in the community. We come together in party forums to press the influence of the group and its ideas. Most of all we are passionate about our politics.