Are you interested in progressive politics and aged 26 or under?

Then Young Labor Left may be for you.

Young Labor Left is an organisation affiliated to PLUS that aims to encourage the participation of progressive and left members in the structures and forums of Australian Young Labor (AYL), the Australian Labor Party and PLUS.

Young Labor Left aims to:

  • To actively encourage young people to join the ALP, YLL and PLUS
  • To establish links and actively work with progressive trade unions and community groups
  • To work for democracy within AYL, the ALP, and affiliates of the ALP and all Australian public political processes
  • To promote equality and equal opportunity for all people;
  • To encourage the recognition of and respect for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of this land and acknowledge the Indigenous peoples’ connection with their country, kin and culture.

What does Young Labor Left do?

  • Young Labor Left regularly meets to discuss policy and politics. Young Labor Left is actively involved in PLUS, Australian Young Labor and in the broader Australian Labor Party.
  • Young Labor Left regularly hosts Politics in the Pub sessions and events with left aligned Members of Parliament.
  • Young Labor Left encourages all members to become involved in ALP Election Campaigns and events.
  • Young Labor Left also organises for members to become involved in other community events.
  • Young Labor Left uses a number of social media outlets to communicate with members and the broader public.

Want to know more or interested in joining?

Contact Emily Gore, YLL Convenor here.

You can also check out Chifley’s Hill, a blog about progressive politics and ideas, run by Young Labor Left South Australia: